Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Things I'll Miss About St. Augustine

Even though we are now immersing ourselves in the culture of Austin, here's what I'll miss about our former home, St. Augustine, Florida:

1. Our Friends: Derrek and Joanna, Bill and Kathy, and all of you who made us feel welcome there.

2. The Ocean: Now that we're landlocked, I have to admit that living in such close proximity to the Atlantic was pretty cool. Except during hurricanes.

3. Surreal Cinema: Even though I'm only seen in reruns nowadays, I'll miss tuning in on Friday nights to watch myself introduce the Wildest and Weirdest Movies That Time Forgot. Unfortunately, our rabbit ears no longer pick up the dodgy signal of Channel 22.

4. The Guilty Pleasures of Jacksonville: Lubi's, Seven Bridges, the Jags, and the Suns will now be replaced with Luby's, North by Northwest, the 'Boys, and the Round Rock Express.

5. The World's Finest Fried Shrimp: Whether it's the tender butterfly shrimp at Osteen's, the crispy homestyle shrimp at South Beach Grill, or the coconut shrimp at Sunset Grille, I'll miss all the heart-stopping, deep-fried goodness of the local specialty.

6. Uncle Steve-O's Rock of Ages: Since Florida Rocks Again! moved South to Flagler Beach and Rock 105 stopped airing Little Steven's Underground Garage, this show is the last bastion of mind-blowing radio to be heard in the nation's oldest city. Keep your freak flag flying, Steve-O. Long may it wave.


m3cats said...

Ditto on:
"The World's Finest Fried Shrimp: Whether it's the tender butterfly shrimp at Osteen's".

We have made many trips from the Daytona Beach area all the way up to St Augustine just to have shrimps at Osteens.

806051 said...

Granted, the state of Florida comes beer battered and deep fried, but Osteens really is in a class of its own.