Friday, January 29, 2010

The Mal Thursday Show #23: Texas Tyme Machine

The Mal Thursday Show #23: Texas Tyme Machine

Mal Thursday initiates a quarterly series of episodes dedicated to Texas rock 'n roll past and present and the music of "the all-time greats from the Lone Star State." The first installment features mind-blowing tunes from 60s legends Kenny & the Kasuals, 13th Floor Elevators, and the Wig, as well as modern practitioners like Amplified Heat, the Sons of Hercules, and the Ugly Beats. It's the sonic equivalent of smoked brisket, presented in Living Monophonic Sound.


KENNY & THE KASUALS: Journey to Tyme
THE WIG: Crackin’ Up
13th FLOOR ELEVATORS: Thru the Rhythm
ZAKARY THAKS: Face to Face
THE OUTCASTS: 1523 Blair
MOUSE & THE TRAPS: Lie, Beg, Borrow, & Steal
ELECTRIC LOVE: This Seat is Saved
THE MOVING SIDEWALKS: Flashback/Headin' Out
THE GENTLEMEN: It’s a Cryin’ Shame (alt. version)
THE ELITE: My Confusion
THE 12 A.M.: The Way I Feel
THE HEADSTONES: 24 Hours Every Day
THE REDDLEMEN: I’m Gonna Get in That Girl’s Mind
THE LAVENDER HOUR: I’ve Got a Way with Girls
THE EXOTICS: Come with Me
KNIGHT’S BRIDGE: Make Me Some Love
THE UGLY BEATS: Let Me Through
THE SIR FINKS: Heart Full of Soul
JON WAYNE: I’ve Got Texas
THE RACONTEURS: Headin’ for the Texas Border
LOCO GRINGOS: Texas Ranger Man
THE IGUANAS: Leaving You Baby


The Wig, Austin, Texas 1966

Monday, January 25, 2010

I've updated my website,, adding more podcasts, a PayPal link to purchase the complete recordings of Mal Thursday and the Cheetahs, new items at The Florida Rocks Again! Online Superstore, and just tightening things up a bit overall.

The site's nothing fancy, design-wise, as it uses an idiot-proof template rather than something more elaborate. But I can edit it any time I want, so what I lose in graphic complexity, I gain in functionality.

Check it out!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs: The Complete Recordings

Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs:The Complete Recordings

Following the break-up of the Malarians, Mal Thursday formed the Cheetahs, with whom he released the heartwarmingly profane holiday classic "A Message to Santa Claus" on Chunk Records in 1992. That was followed up in 1993 by a split 7" with Angry Johnny, featuring the band's version of the Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire" with guest vocals (and pig squeals) from Angry. Now you can get the complete recordings of Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs, produced by Mal and Sean Slade.

Recorded at Slaughterhouse in Amherst and the Lanes in Boston and mixed at Fort Apache, it's 13 tracks of raw power and awe-inspiring stupidity from Mal and the Cheetahs: Nelson Bragg (now with Brian Wilson's band), Chris Soucy, Ezra Gale, and Brent Nielsen, with backing vocals and tambourine from garage legend Jeff Conolly (Lyres, DMZ).

The Complete Recordings
includes "Get Outta Dallas," "Torn Up," "Try It My Way," "Spundalina," "It's All Going By Too Fast," and all of the tracks from the Chunk seven-inches.

Get it HERE, only $9.99 (plus shipping) via PayPal.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Angry Young Bastard: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

After banging out a few items for my Celebrity Headlines column, I published a piece about something good, which is Karel Reisz's film of Alan Sillitoe's Angry Young Man drama Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, starring a young, charismatic Albert Finney. Here 'tis:

Angry Young Bastard: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

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A Streetcar Named Desire

Monday, January 18, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

JM Dobies, Austin Classic Movies Examiner

I am now the Austin Classic Movies Examiner, in addition to my role as Dallas Celebrity Headlines Examiner.

You can now read my stuff without being embarrassed, appalled, or nauseated by the subject matter. Read about great films and the icons of the silver screen rather than the latest misdeeds of drug-addled Z-list actors and sub-human reality TV scum. Or you can do both, and that'll be even better for me, because I get paid by the page view!

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it's an homage to my favorite existential road movie, Monte Hellman's Two-Lane Blacktop. Click HERE to read that one.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Malarians to Reunite?!?

I've been hearing rumors for a while now that my old band, the Malarians (the '80s neo-garage band, not the Spanish ska band), will be reuniting to play the music festival at the Hampshire College 40th Anniversary Celebration this June.

It was news to me, and seemingly unlikely, given that I'm now living in Austin, far, far away from Western Massachusetts. That, and the bass player's dead.

However, the idea is starting to gain traction, and my attitude has changed from bemused skepticism to "Hey, if there's any money in it, I'll break out the black turtleneck."

I wrote about the Malarians' checkered history in 2007 in "The Chunk Records Story, Part One."

We'd have to get a couple of club gigs to make it worthwhile for us to learn up a whole set of songs, maybe at the Sierra Grille in Northampton (site of the legendary Bay State Hotel), and possibly the Middle East in Cambridge (a double bill with Lyres would be super-sweet).

Stay tuned for further details, and in the meantime, take a listen to The Mal Thursday Show #9: Sons of the Stage, which features a bunch of songs the Malarians used to cover, and no doubt would cover again if this thing comes to pass.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Young Lovers (1964)

Sometimes a movie doesn't work so much as a film, but rather as a time capsule that captures the mores and mindset set of an era.

1964's The Young Lovers, starring Peter Fonda, Sharon Hugueny, Nick Adams, and Deborah Walley, was one of many films of the period with "Young" in the title: The Young Doctors (1961), The Young Savages (1961), The Young Racers (1963), The Young Swingers (1963), and Young Dillinger (1965, also with Adams). It was as if the studio moguls said, "We need to get more young people into the theaters. Put 'Young' in the title. That'll get 'em!"

The story concerns the romance between two college students, working class art major Eddie (Fonda) and rich-girl-from-a-broken-home Pam (Hugueny), who meet cute, fall in love, and proceed to engage in premarital sexual intercourse. Naturally, this results in Pam's getting pregnant, and at that point, the film veers towards melodrama until its unsatisfying, aggravatingly open-ended conclusion.

Fonda's entrance on an old Triumph motorcylce foreshadows his later, iconic roles in The Wild Angels (1966) and Easy Rider (1969), but his performance here is tentative at best. Although he and Hugueny make a good-looking couple, some of the dialogue between them, such as their mock-Japanese play-acting, is truly cringe-worthy. His character is also something of a dick, and makes Pam's otherwise unmotivated actions in the third act slightly more believable.

In his autobiography, Don't Tell Dad, Fonda remembers the film as having “a small budget and not a lot of rehearsal.”


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Mal Thursday Show in the GaragePunk Hideout

The Mal Thursday Show is moving to The GaragePunk Hideout.

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Florida Rocks Again! in the GaragePunk Hideout

Florida Rocks Again! is moving to The GaragePunk Hideout.

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