Friday, January 22, 2010

Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs: The Complete Recordings

Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs:The Complete Recordings

Following the break-up of the Malarians, Mal Thursday formed the Cheetahs, with whom he released the heartwarmingly profane holiday classic "A Message to Santa Claus" on Chunk Records in 1992. That was followed up in 1993 by a split 7" with Angry Johnny, featuring the band's version of the Johnny Cash classic "Ring of Fire" with guest vocals (and pig squeals) from Angry. Now you can get the complete recordings of Mal Thursday & the Cheetahs, produced by Mal and Sean Slade.

Recorded at Slaughterhouse in Amherst and the Lanes in Boston and mixed at Fort Apache, it's 13 tracks of raw power and awe-inspiring stupidity from Mal and the Cheetahs: Nelson Bragg (now with Brian Wilson's band), Chris Soucy, Ezra Gale, and Brent Nielsen, with backing vocals and tambourine from garage legend Jeff Conolly (Lyres, DMZ).

The Complete Recordings
includes "Get Outta Dallas," "Torn Up," "Try It My Way," "Spundalina," "It's All Going By Too Fast," and all of the tracks from the Chunk seven-inches.

Get it HERE, only $9.99 (plus shipping) via PayPal.

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