Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brave Hater Extra: Thank You, Chipper


Has ever a sweeter headline been written this season?

"Chipper error dooms Braves in loss."

We like how that trips off the tongue:



Dooms Braves.

In loss.

Larry Wayne's throwing error led to three unearned runs for the Phillies and wasted another excellent outing by Tim Hudson. The Braves had won eight of their previous nine games.

We hasten to add that Chipper had a second consecutive 1-for-4 night that dropped his batting average to .339. Maybe the NL batting title isn't such a lock after all.

From ESPN.Com:

"Philadelphia moved within one game of NL East-leading New York with a 5-2 victory over the Atlanta Braves on Wednesday night. The loss all but eliminated Atlanta from postseason contention. The Braves remain alive but have to win their last four games and get a lot of help to pass Colorado, Philadelphia and San Diego."

[Insert maniacal laughter here.]

Need we remind you that Brave Hater is a parody?

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JM Dobies said...

And last night, the other shoe dropped as John Smoltz gave up four runs before retiring a batter, and the Phils held on for a 6-4 win and a share of first place as they did us all a favor and eliminated Atlanta from post-season contention.

Ah, the agony, and the ecstasy, of defeat.