Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In Praise of Jreck Subs

A few choice words about my favorite fast food franchise in the known universe, Jreck Subs. Although the name of the place sounds uncannily like "dreck," it is, in fact, home of the most delicious sandwiches ever made.

I've been to many of the great Delis -- the Carnegie, Canter's, et al. -- and every other purveyor of submarines, hoagies, heroes, call 'em what you will, but for pure flavor, Jreck's is king.

In my younger days, I was partial to their capicola sub, but since then, my favorite is Jreck's incomparable tuna sub. It starts with their incredible sub roll, four slices of American cheese (although most Jreck's fans are partial to the provolone), and then comes the tuna salad: one part tuna to four parts extra heavy mayonnaise. Add to that the full complement of toppings: shredded lettuce, tomatoes and onions sliced paper-thin. Then I request four times the usual amount of their incredible hot chopped peppers. The kicker is what the sub-makers like to call "the shakers": parmesan cheese, oregano, and "oil" (seven parts industrial-grade vegetable oil, one part red wine vinegar, a pinch of Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper). The result: 12 inches of gastronomic delight, also known as a "mayo missile," best chased with an extra-large Mountain Dew.

Now that's good eatin'.

Jreck Subs can be found mostly in upstate New York, and it's usually my first stop whenever I visit home. My family understands. They're well-aware of the genius that is Jreck's.

It's "a meal for your money, not a snack."

For more information, go to jrecksubs.com.

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806051 said...

Jreck is the king of the culinary nation. Look no further than the sign at Jreck's. Admiral Jreck, perched over his kingdom of shakers and Bachman chips, can smile proudly knowing he's filling the bellies of pretense-less foodies throughout North Country kingdom.