Saturday, October 27, 2007

Texas BBQ Showdown: A Definitive Second Opinion

After eating barbecue a dozen times in my first six weeks here in Austin, I put "The Great Texas BBQ Showdown" column on hold while I drop all the pounds I've put on as a result. For the record, I'd sampled the down-home goodness of the Iron Works, Stubb's, the Roadhouse, County Line , Smokey Mo's, Pokey Joe's, and Rudy's.

When I told Austinite John C. about the temporary brisket moratorium, he wrote back, "After you drop your pounds and get back to your fighting weight, here is a good guide:"

It is a great guide in fact. Man, this guy -- his name is James -- really did his homework, and then some. Well, not homework exactly, as he travelled all around Central Texas to get the skinny on the best BBQ joints in the area. I got hungry just looking at the pictures.

Bon appetit, pardners!

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