Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mal's MySpace Page

By the way, I've got a MySpace page, originally created to help promote the podcast. I've neglected it for the most part, mostly due to being overemployed (with the exception of the little two and a half month "vacation" that ended yesterday) and married.

Last night, I searched "Mal Thursday" on the MySpace site because I was too lazy to type in my URL, and discovered I was listed under "Heroes" by a fellow named Mark Sheehan from the Sierra Grille, who is attempting to "reanimate" the nightclub I used to run back in the mid-'90s (more on that later). Feeling honored, I sent a "friend request," and he wrote back, "WOW!!! It isn't everyday that the only hero in your myspace heroes list sends in a friend request!!! You are now our #1 !!!! Man I never knew ya personally but I admired what you did from the sidelines watching many of the gigs you booked and am trying my best to 'Re-Animate The Bay State' and the spirit of the legendary Mal Thursday!! "

Anyway, here 'tis:

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