Monday, August 31, 2009

Florida Rocks Again! #40: Anywhere But Here

This eclectic episode is sort of a companion piece to Florida Rocks Again! #20: Florida Time. Unlike that show, where all of the songs were about Florida, all of these songs are about other places. So lay back and get a load of the all-time greats from the Sunshine State singing about Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, California, and elsewhere.

Hosted by Mal Thursday, produced by JM Dobies and Jeff Lemlich, and presented in Living Monophonic Sound on the GaragePunk Podcast Network.



HOUR GLASS: Gotta Get Away/Down in Texas
CHARLIE PICKETT & THE EGGS: Goin’ Back to Marlboro Country
WE THE PEOPLE: Follow Me Back to Louisville
THE MOVERS: Birmingham/Hello LA (Bye Bye Birmingham)

WAYNE COCHRAN: Harlem Shuffle
SAM MOORE: The Tennessee Waltz
MIGHTY SAM: Georgia Pines
SAMMY AMBROSE: Welcome to Dreamsville

TOMMY ROE & THE ROEMANS: Diane from Manchester Square
CHARLIE McCOY: The Boy from England
THE ROYAL GUARDSMEN: Battle of New Orleans
KANE’S COUSINS: Good Lovin’ Women of Bismarck, North Dakota
TRACY PENDARVIS: Philadelphia Filly

THE OUTLAWS: Sweet Home Alabama
MUDCRUTCH: Up in Mississippi Tonight
FRED NEIL: Mississippi Train
GRAM PARSONS: Ooh Las Vegas/California Cotton Fields
MAGIC: California
THE ECHO: Monterey
THE ROVIN’ FLAMES: I’m Afraid to Go Home

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