Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Fans Speak Out!

I've gotten some lovely feedback from various listeners of Florida Rocks Again! and The Mal Thursday Show on, which warms my heart. Just this morning, I got this email from Lutz Raeuber from the mighty Soundflat Mailorder regarding The Mal Thursday Show:

"Hi..Been listening for some hours already...and feel like writing you how much I LOVE these shows!!! You got an excellent taste!!! Just like mine, it seems :-)"

Here are a few other cool comments about TMTS:

"Very is good to find music that I can rock out with my cock out to! Peace, Joe"

"Absolutely Killer, Thank You!!!!" - Russell

"This show was ass-kicking. I love you but not you know, in a messy romantic way. In a sloppy fun musical way...Truly, if your shows were people I would be makin' sweet sweet love to 'em." - Theresa

Here's a few comments about FRA!:

"Was listening to the 'Cryin' Time' episode last night, and followed it up immediately with the previous edition, 'Florida Time.' This is still the best podcast out there."
- Charlie Blimey

"Too bad I didn’t learn to appretiate Florida’s musical history until after I moved away from it."
- Nick K., Los Angeles, CA

"Thanks so much for the 'Tampa Bay Teen Scene' episode. Fine show."
- Ronny Elliot, Tampa, FL

"Muy buena sesion… me gusta, me gusta la seleccion!!! baby baby…"
--- M.Tanaka, Barcelona, Spain

"Hey, I love this show. I used to tag along when my brother's band the Dark Horseman played shows in Tallahassee back in '66...Thanks for putting it all together."
-- Don Roof, Lake City, FL

"Yahooo!! Florida Rocks Again! is back! I, like millions of other Americans, recieved an iPod for the Holidays. I downloaded the Florida Rocks Again! podcasts as soon as I could. I love these things. Great tunes, great presentation...Thank you, Mal Thursday. Keep up the great efforts. You have the best podcast on iTunes. Now, I look for reasons to walk the dog or mow the grass, just to listen. If you haven't heard these podcasts, I strongly suggest that you do. The tunes are all classic and the recordings even more so."
- Billy DeMoya

Thanks a lot, folks, and keep on tuning in.


Jeffers66 said...

A Dark Horsemen mention! I love that record, even if my copy's only in G+ condition!

JM Dobies said...

That's why we do this thing of ours