Friday, June 19, 2009

Classic Rerun: Florida Rocks Again! #13

Florida Rocks Again! #13: Coverama!

Mal Thursday brings you another action-packed episode of Florida Rocks Again! — this one’s all covers, with the all-time greats from the Sunshine State doing versions of songs made famous by other artists — a set of early rock ‘n roll and rhythm & blues, a set of ’60s songs, a set of Vanilla Fudge-inspired remakes.

The Rovin' Flames cover Bo Diddley, the Allman Joys cover the Yardbirds, the Clefs of Lavender Hill cover the Beatles, the Fifth Order and Lyres cover the Nightcrawlers. It's Coverama, baby!

Written and Produced by JM Dobies, Co-Produced by Jeff Lemlich. Originally posted 21 March 2006.

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