Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Re: Lee Hazen

Just got some bad news regarding Lee Hazen, the man who recorded so many great Florida 45s, working with bands like the Nightcrawlers, Rocking Roadrunners, et al.:

"Lee had a massive stroke on Saturday. He is paralyzed on his right side and breathing with assistance. He has yet to awaken from the stroke. He is at Skyline Med center 615-769-4636.-patient update line.

When I saw him at Xmas he didn't look great but was his usual self.

If you pray or have other spiritual leanings he could use it.

The address of the Skyline Medical Center is:

3441 Dickerson Pike

Nashville, TN 37207

but several of us from the Ampex list have tried to talk to the hospital and have gotten nowhere.

Anyway, sorry if this is a shock, but I thought maybe you or your readers would be interested to know this news."


Chris Goosman


DTJ said...

3/9/08- Re Lee: I'm one of Lee's neighbors and talked to other neighbors who visited Lee earlier this afternoon. Lee is doing very poorly and is still on a respirator/ventilator to assist with breathing. The stroke has affected 2/3 of his brain and he has no recognition/responsiveness to others. Sorry for the news thaqt Lee is not doing better .... our thoughts and prayers go out to him. DTJ

Ted said...

Does anyone know where Lee is?

Ted Merthe