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Florida Rocks Again!: Tales from the Archives

Seeing as I don't have a new podcast and this week's episode on the Blizzard is the same as last week's (owing to transmitter problems this past Wednesday) I wanted to hype the Florida Rocks Again! podcast archives at

FRA! #25: Girls! Girls! Girls!

This time out, it’s a rockin’ roll call of delightful dolls and delectable dames as the all-time greats from the Sunshine State sing songs with girls’ names in the title. Featuring a mess of fine Florida garage 45s, as well as some deep soul, psych, rockabilly, and even a TV theme song.

FRA! #24: Rockabilly Riot!

It’s a Rockabilly Riot as Mal Thursday presents an episode full o’ swingin’ sides from the Sunshine State circa the ’50s and early ’60s, waxed up by such three-chord geniuses as Johnny Red, Tracy Pendarvis, Benny Joy, and others. Edited down from its original form as an installment of Florida Rocks Again’s original broadcast run on WSOS/St. Augustine, this down-and-dirty, short-but-sweet set will make you hop, bop, and boogie.

FRA! #23: Night and Day

In perhaps the most rockin’ episode yet of the long-running series, every song has the word “Night” or “Day” in the title, or both, as in the opening number by the Razor’s Edge out of West Palm Beach. Although the episode starts with a Cole Porter song, it quickly segues into garage greatness with rare cuts by some of the grooviest groups to ever emerge from the swamps, beaches, and backwaters of F-L-A, as well as two different 45s from the legendary Paris Tower label.

FRA! #22: Fuzz Feast

An hour of fuzztone favorites by the All-Time Greats from the Sunshine State, taken from the show’s original ‘04-’05 broadcast run on WSOS in St. Augustine. Although we’ve raided many of this episode’s tastiest nuggets for previous podcasts, there are still some gems that have yet to be heard on the GPP. So sit back, relax, and deep-fry your mind with a Florida Fuzz Feast!

FRA! #21: Cryin’ Time

The all-time greats from the Sunshine State emote for the ages with a three-hankie, five-star episode where all of the songs are all about shedding tears. Sometimes the singers are talking about making someone else cry, but more often than not, it’s the singers themselves who are the ones doing the crying. Featuring 21 weepin’ wailers from such artists as Benny Joy, Mouse & the Boys, the Montells, and many more.

FRA! #20: Florida Time!

The all-time greats from the Sunshine State return with a very special episode where all of the songs are about the swamps, beaches, and backwaters of good ol’ F-L-A. Florida artists like Wayne Cochran, Noble “Thin Man” Watts, and the Corornados rock alongside out-of-state greats like Bing Crosby, the Butthole Surfers, and the Beach Bums, who open the show with this episode’s theme song. There’s even a cut from the soundtrack of our favorite Elvis movie, Girl Happy. It’s Florida Time!

FRA! #19: Love, Love, Love

It’s summertime, and the unmistakable smell of love is in the air… OK, so it smells a lot more like hate and war out there, but Florida Rocks Again! is going to beat ceaselessly against the tide with a show where every song has the word “Love” in the title. Starring the All-Time Greats from the Sunshine State, rocking the usual garage sounds, plus some tasty fuzz pop, folk blues, deep soul, and heavy rock flavors.

FRA! #18: Orlando Rocks Again!

Host Mal Thursday takes you on a trip back in time to Orlando in the ’60s and early ’70s, before the Mouse came to town, when top teen combos kicked out the jams at the youth centers and armories of Central Florida. Featuring exclusive interviews with Wayne Proctor of We The People and members of Tin House, whose bands topped the bill at the Orlando Reunion Concert on September 16th, 2006.

FRA! #17: Hey, Man

An eclectic mix of ’60s sounds from the Sunshine State. The first half of the program features songs with the word “Man” in the title, while the latter half features songs with “woman,” “lady,” or “girl” in the title. There are primitive garage classics from We The People, the Dark Horsemen, and Billy Sandlin & the Interns (thanks to BossHoss for that one), plus Florida-born legends Gram Parsons, Fred Neil, and Tampa Red, not to mention the first appearance in the series of the infamous Blowfly, performing “Hole Man.”

FRA! #16: The “I” Decade

The latest installment of the series features a heapin’ helpin’ of Florida-related ’60s era rock & roll songs, all with the word “I” in the title. This episode is a Podcast exclusive, and one of the most rocking yet. Special thanks to forum fiend Eargasm! for the Bash track.

FRA! #15: Sunshine State Garage

The latest installment of Florida Rocks Again! is the purest expression of the show’s garage underbelly, with many great cuts from 1965 to 1968, but most from 1966. Together with “Sunshine State Garage Revisited” (FRA! #5 & 7) this episode makes the case for Florida’s garage greatness. Featuring We The People, the Allman Joys, Beaver Patrol, and many, many more.

FRA! #14: Baby!

In honor of the birth of his daughter Lola Antonia (aka Tuesday Ann-Margaret), Mal Thursday presents this latest edition of Florida Rocks Again!, featuring the all-time greats from the Sunshine State singing songs with the word “Baby” in the title, as well as a set of songs with girls’ names in the title. In addition to some great fuzz-punkers from the Tasmanians, Mor-Loks, and the Raven, there’s also primal rockabilly from Benny Joy and Kent Westberry.

FRA! #13: Coverama!

Another action-packed episode — this one’s all covers, with the all-time greats from the Sunshine State doing versions of songs made famous by other artists — a set of early rock ‘n roll and rhythm & blues, a set of ’60s songs, a set of Vanilla Fudge-inspired remakes — and bands like the Fifth Order, the Lyres, and the Remains doing covers of songs written by Florida artists. It’s Coverama, baby!

FRA! #12: All About You!

This installment features songs with the word “You” in the title. In addition to the usual assortment of mid-’60s garage bands, this episode also contains a set of smokin’ southern soul, and, in honor of Bike Week (March 3-12 in Daytona Beach), a set of early ’70s hard rock and boogie. Starring Conlon & the Crawlers, the Montells, BOOT — the later, “heavier” incarnation of the Split Ends (”Rich With Nothing”), and many more. Special thanks to BossHoss for the Crawlers and Canadian Rogues tracks. Hope you all dig it!

FRA! #11: Florida Freak Out!

An hour-long trip to the psychedelic side of the Sunshine State, as a series of ’60s garage combos turn up their fuzz-boxes and wax poetic about blowing their sun-bleached minds. This episode includes such long-lost classics as We The People’s “When I Arrive,” the Kollektion’s “Savage Lost” (Florida Rocks Again! co-producer Jeff Lemlich named his essential book about Florida garage bands after this regional hit), and the Birdwatchers’ “Mary, Mary (It’s to You That I Belong),” described by lead singer Sammy Hall in his autobiography Hooked on a Good Thing as “a love song to marijuana.”

FRA! #10: Miami

A trip back in time and space to Miami, Florida circa 1966, with music from garage greats the Montells, the Birdwatchers, the Clefs of Lavender Hill, and many others. Co-producer and music guru JeffMiami provides commentary on the bands, the WQAM-WFUN radio wars, and more.

FRA! #9: Florida Folk Rock

This jangly installment of Florida Rocks Again! features a flock of fine folk rockers from F-L-A, including Sir Michael & the Sounds, the Nightcrawlers, and the Non-Pareils. An hour’s worth of 12-string guitars and deep lyrics from the swamps, beaches, and backwaters of ’60s Florida.

FRA! #8: Tampa Bay Teen Scene

This rockin’ installment is the hour-long “Tampa Bay Teen Scene” episode, featuring some of the area’s greatest bands of the ’60s, including the Tropics, the Split Ends, and Blues Image, as well as a tribute to the late, great John Delise (Rovin’ Flames, Outsiders, etc.). There’s also a little ’70s action from make-up-wearin’ weirdos White Witch and some modern-day garage from The Unrequited Loves. Enjoy!

FRA! # 5 & 7: Sunshine State Garage Revisited

Mal Thursday brings you more garage band greats from the swamps, beaches, and backwaters of Florida, including such ’60s combos as the Legends, the Impacs, and the Beau Heems, as well as modern day bands like the Heatseekers, the Evidents, and Thee Monarchy V. Originally podcast in two parts, as FRA! #5 and #7.

FRA! # 3 & 6: Painted Faces/The Tropics

A combination of episodes #3 (”The Tropics Story”) and #6 (”The Painted Faces Story”) for this podcast. The first part was originally FRA! #6, and tells the mind-bending story of Ft. Myers psychedelic pioneers Painted Faces. This is a pulse-pounding ’60s saga of big beats and broken dreams, from their first 45 ’til the drummer got his draft card...Hope you dig it, cuz it is most wild. The second part, subtitled “The Tropics Story,” is told by Charlie Souza, who played bass in the Tropics, then went on to play with Bacchus, White Witch, Tom Petty, and now the New Tropics.

FRA! # 1 & 2: The I-4 Corridor Battle of the Bands!

Host MalThursday takes you on a monophonic journey down Interstate 4, a rockin’ route that runs from Daytona Beach to the Tampa Bay, as a slew of mid-’60s garage bands do battle for your listening and dancing pleasure. Among the participants are We The People, the Berkley Five, and the Split Ends.

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