Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Message from the Hiss

hi mal

sorta feel like a dork emailing you, but just wanted to say hi. i'm a big fan of the show as you can guess, and just wanted to say thanks for turning me on to all these great old florida bands. i live up in atlanta and play in a band called the hiss. we are all florida boys who moved up here (me and the singer in 2000, the 2 new members in 2005) and i have to say we are proudly flying the florida rock banner!

we have a cool little tradition now. whenever we play down in florida, we get the ipod ready and listen to a fewhours on FRA! on the way down on 75. i saw on the garage punk site that you moved to austin. hows that going? well, hopefully texas is treating you well. enough dorking out for me.

keep up the great show!!

the hiss

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