Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Cynics: Here We Are

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The Cynics have been dealing in fuzz-laden garage rock for over two decades, in the process creating a body of work to rival many of their heroes.

My old band, the Malarians, opened for the Cynics back in 1988, at some club in Naugatuck, Connecticut (The London Fog? The Night Shift??). I remember how the Cynics totally captured the whole '60s garage aesthetic in ways my band could only aspire to. 20 years later, the Cynics have added a few colors to the palette, but still kick out the jams in the old school way.

Recorded in Spain at Circo Perrotti Studios, Here We Are is a great-sounding record, jumping out of the speakers with pounding immediacy. Part of the reason is that it is presented in mono, which, as any garage-o-phile worth his salt will tell you, just sounds better. Listen to Gregg Kostelich’s tremoled guitar on "Coming Round My Way" or the folk-rock 12-string on the title track, and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Stereo's OK, but mono rocks.

As do the Cynics. Sure, there are a couple of ballads, and even a pop-soul number with horns. But this is a rock n' roll record, and a durn good one. Singer Michael Kastelic is in fine voice throughout, especially on my favorite track, "The Ring."

Pittsburgh's finest have done it again, so go buy this album.


michaelkastelic said...

It was The NightShift!!
(Fernando later ran a club in New Haven for years called The Tune Inn!)
ANYWAY , HOW THE HELL ARE YOU My Malarian Friend??
Michael, The CYNICS

JM Dobies said...

Very well, indeed. Things are great here in Austin, home of your labelmates the Ugly Beats (saw 'em open for Holly Golightly a while back).

Featured a bunch o' Get Hip stuff, including a couple of cuts from the Cynics, on the Mal Thursday Show #3, which can be heard at

Keep up the good work!

Mal T. a/k/a JM Dobies