Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Malarians' 'Know' and 'Finished In This Town' Now Available at CD Baby

The Malarians' 1988 Know EP and the 1989 live recording Finished In This Town have been reissued in a deluxe digital and CD release at CD Baby. The mp3 album is available for download now ($4.95 for the five EP tracks, or $9.99 for all 20 tracks), with the CD due to be released on June 8th, just in time for the band's 2010 reunion tour of Route 9.


Following up the recent digital reissue of Massachusetts' garage kings The Malarians' 1986 LP In The Cool Room, here are 1988's blistering five-track vinyl EP Know and the equally feverish 1989 live recording Finished In This Town in a deluxe CD and digital package.

The Malarians' most successful release, Know features the band's classic line-up: Mal Thursday, Johnny Tomorrow, Bob Medley, Slater Awn, and Lime Ricky. The record went top 20 on the CMJ charts and sold out of its original pressing in weeks.

With only Thursday and Awn remaining, the Malarians made an attempt at replicating the MC5's "Kick Out the Jams" LP by recording the new line-up, featuring Mike Sewell of the Lonely Moans, Steve Healey of Wingtip Sloat, and Peter "Spec" McHugh, at their second-ever gig with a mobile truck at Springfield's Zone Art Center. Finished In This Town was given an abortive release in 1990, when the band broke up prior to the pressing of the CD. Only the Cassette was issued, in very limited quantities.

Together at last, The Malarians' Know/Finished In This Town 20th Anniversary Limited Edition CD from Chunk Archives.
Know produced by Sean Slade and Jim Fitting

Finished In This Town produced by Sean Slade and Mal Thursday

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