Monday, May 17, 2010

The Malarians' 'In The Cool Room,' 'Know,' and More Now Available as Digital Downloads

Originally released on Chunk Records in the 1980s, the recordings of my old band The Malarians (the American Garage Band, not the Spanish ska band) are now available as digital downloads at Amazon and several other services, and coming soon to iTunes. The remixed, remastered, and reanimated version of In The Cool Room, our lovable first LP from 1986, is available now at, on the Chunk Archives label.

The 20-track 2-for-1 Know/Finished In This Town CD combines the Malarians' most successful release, 1988's bombastic, blistering five-track statement of purpose Know with the equally feverish 1989 live recording Finshed In This Town. Available June 1st.

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JM Dobies said...

It is a trip to see us up on Amazon and iTunes. Coming any day now: KNOW and FINISHED IN THIS TOWN.