Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spitzer Swallows

Apologies for the title. According to Google, I'm the 58,903rd person to use that joke this week.

The absurd political theater currently playing out on the nation's TV screens is certainly a mind-boggling, and ultimately saddening, spectacle. At a time in our history when we teeter on the brink of disaster, the top stories were Elliot Spitzer's "Whoregate" and Geraldine Ferraro's matter-of-fact racism regarding Barack Obama.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, life, and death, go on. "Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends..."I haven't resided in New York State since I was a teen, except for brief periods in '96 and '01 (I also apartment-sat for my friend Marc in Brooklyn for three weeks in '89, trying to write a novel), so I didn't vote for Elliot Spitzer, but he didn't do anything that thousands of powerful men don't do every second of the day. In case you've been away, I'm talking about enjoying the services of high-priced prostitutes. He just covered his tracks very badly.

The soon-to-be ex-governor probably pissed somebody off during his days as a crusading attorney general, and is now paying the price in public humiliation and potential criminal prosecution. Throw in the media circus, and the overall disgrace factor is off the charts.

As far as the Presidential race, I don't know who to support. Obama's the best of a bad lot, but such an unproven commodity. Hilary is clearly insane, and McCain's time was eight years back on the Straight Talk Express.

If I had to cast my ballot tomorrow, I'd still vote for Ron Paul.

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