Thursday, March 13, 2008

Madonna in R&R Hall of Fame?

I have written in the past regarding the so-called Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and the filthy politics that are involved in getting worthy artists inducted into it, thanks largely to Hall of Fame committee fuhrer Jann Wenner.

Last year, the Dave Clark Five got bumped from the list of inductees in favor of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, despite having more votes. Nothing against the Grandmaster, I mean sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under, but the DC5 should have been inducted in '07, rather than this year, because lead singer Mike Smith passed away in the interim.

Thanks, Jann.

While I have no argument with the majority of inductees throughout the years, this year's induction of Madonna is particularly absurd. How can they induct someone who has never made a rock & roll record in her life? I suppose "Beautiful Stranger" from the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack might qualify, the hook having been lifted from "She Comes in Colors" by Love, a band that should be in the Hall, but isn't.

I know that Madonna is a groundbreaking trend-setter, an icon of style and all that shit, but "Borderline" and "Vogue" ain't no "Heartbreak Hotel" or "Johnny B. Goode."

She deserves to be in the R&R Hall of Fame about as much as she deserved the Best Actress Oscar for Shanghai Surprise or Swept Away.

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