Friday, May 9, 2008

My "Vladimir Guerrero" Music Video

The "Vladimir Guerrero" music video I created for the Montreal Expos back in '99 has been posted on MySpace by the guy from Channel 57 who was the editor on it. Apparently, he's still a bit irked that I was unable to fully pay the station for the editing time: "Music written by a guy named Mal Thursday, but he never paid us for the work, so screw him."

Hey, the Expos never paid me.

And Industrious Films, my production company at the time, went under as a result. Oh well.

We also failed to save the Expos.

I wrote the song (originally entitled "F.P. Santangelo") with Paul Rocha, who provided the guitars, bass, and production, with Amy Sullivan doing all the vocals, and Jim Weeks playing drums. The video was great fun to make, and even though I never saw a dime from it, I got a full season media pass to Olympic Stadium in Montreal, and for a couple of games at Shea Stadium. Thanks to Ray, Spike, Rodney, and Rainbow for their help.

It ended up playing on the Expos Jumbotron for a couple of years, until everybody in the third verse got traded, Felipe got fired, and Vlad eventually blew town for the big money in L.A.

Originally posted March 14, 2008


Background Summary said...

Vladmir is a bonafide baseball sorvent (Google spellcheck notwithstanding). The party in his mind had only begun when you intercepted his autistic-like greatness.

JM Dobies said...


And he was a wonder to behold at that time. As for the other guys in the video, most of 'em are no longer in the bigs.

Rondell White has played for about eight teams since then.

I think Chris Widger caught David Cone's perfecto vs. the Expos during his brief tenure with the Yankees.

Ugeth Urbina is in a Venezuelan prison.

JM Dobies said...

MySpace deleted the video.