Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Texas Garage Project!

Presenting Austin's newest supergroup, The Texas Garage Project, founded in 2011 to play genuine Texas music with an emphasis on garage, psychedelic, and other rockin' '60s and '70s-inspired sounds. Membership is rotating, with an open-ended pool of musicians. Charter members include members of The Jungle Rockers, The Mother Truckers, The Freddie Steady Five, The Thunderchiefs, The Diplomats of Solid Sound, The Crazy Kings, The Bellfuries, The Ugly Beats, The Explosives, and The Nervebreakers.

This Friday night, the Texas Garage Project will be opening for Joe "King" Carrasco and the Crowns at Uncle Billy's Brewery & BBQ Lake Travis. Special guest vocalists performing with the TGP include Rick Broussard, T. Tex Edwards, Opie Hendrix, Mal Thursday and Joe "King" Carrasco. On October 7th, the TGP returns to Uncle Billy's for a show with The Mother Truckers. Special guests to be announced.

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Jeffers66 said...

So glad to hear Joe "King" Carrasco is still around and doing his thing. I enjoyed seeing him live in Austin back in the summer of '81.