Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Apologies to the Donut Kings

The Malarians Mini-Tour of Route 5 was a mixed bag, with the Sierra show a loud, fuzzy romp through the catalog, and the ZONE reunion marred by my desperate clowning, along with the obligatory sound problems and stage management issues. Although advertised as starting at 8 p.m., the show didn't start until 9:30 p.m. due to the aforementioned P.A. problems. One of the bands had canceled, but the late start meant half-hour sets and I took it upon myself to hijack the proceedings with boorish obliviousness, with the Donut Kings getting the worst of it. All apologies. They should have put me in a cage until the agreed-upon showtime.

Oh well. Mea culpa.

On the plus side, our set was punk as fuck, I danced with Dancing Larry, and vaguely remember doing a somersault across the floor. And Eighth Route Army was GREAT.


Jef Taylor said...

I had a great time! I thought the Donut Kings did a great job, and clearly knew their stuff (gotta love a drummer who can sing); I can understand why they were a little miffed, but I sort of agree that it needed to be a half hour set.

The Malarians were GREAT. All the energy of 25 years ago--the energy that made me into a lover of live shows. The folks I brought, who had never heard the band, were quite impressed.

Good on you for owning up to the clowning, but good on you for being a born entertainer as well.

2325wm said...

Your set was hilarious! It was the most spot-on parody of all those half-assed, preening, self-important 90s Valley bands. My friend nudged me during your set and said, "Boy, the singer seems to think that just THINKING he has stage presence means that he has stage presence...but he doesn't!" I had to tell him that that was part of the joke :) Can't wait for your next show!

JM Dobies said...


Incisive analysis. Of course, I'd rather have monitors than stage presence any day. One thing, though: it's supposed to be a parody of preening, self-important '80s bands. So it goes.


Thanks for being there.