Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ian McLagan & the Bump Band @ the Lucky Lounge, Austin 10/29

Fresh from the Faces reunion (minus the late, great Ronnie Lane and a certain lead singer), Ian McLagan returns to Austin for another great happy hour gig with the Bump Band at the Lucky Lounge, 6 to 8 pm Thursday October 29th and the following night at the Cactus Cafe.

I'll be at the Lucky show, as it's always one of my favorite gigs in town, and my wife gets to have me back home early (hopefully in time to watch Pedro vs. the Yanks). Hope to see you there.


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JM Dobies said...

Walked in a bit late, missed Mac's version of the Small Faces' "Get Yourself Together," wandered out, took a few wrong turns on the way home, then blearily watched the bloody Yanks even the World Series at a game apiece. Wife not amused that I'd had several pints...