Thursday, November 29, 2007

Led Schleppelin IV: No Sleep 'Til Dillon

Although it is not currently reflected in my bank account, I have been making good money of late, both in my full-time gig, and on the side. It's the side gigs, however, that are kicking my ass.

Because my main job pays me only twice a month, I have taken a number of other jobs to keep the checks rolling in. I'm writing for, which has been great fun, even if it has kept the number of BLOG! posts down of late. I start my teaching job at the local broadcasting school next week, instructing my students how to edit digital audio and in basic DJ skills. I'm also doing a couple of nights on Friday Night Lights this week as a make-believe journalist covering a pretend football game. It's chump change, but having caught up with the show's first season on DVD, I'm now a huge fan, so I've got to do it.

Even if it means getting even less sleep than usual, which is more than my wife gets, but never enough to actually refresh me for the following day's labor.

And then there's my weekend job as a product demonstrator for Blue Buffalo holistic dog food, which entails setting up a table at local PetSmart stores and extolling the virtues of feeding your pet something that doesn't contain roadkill. It's only four hours per shift, but this Sunday, it will conflict directly with my desire to kick back with a cold one and watch the Jaguars-Colts game on TV. Of course, the local CBS affiliate is likely to air the meaningless Texans-Titans game, because they still can't get enough of Vince Young, who led the Longhorns to the national title a few seasons back, and is thus a god among men in these parts.

I've got to cut thus short, as I'm late for work and I need to get my coffee on.

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